Thursday, March 14, 2013

To Stay Together or To Leave Together

Each one of us have different perspective in this. Who doesn't want to stay together forever with their loved ones? But, when the reality hits. It really hits where one of them have to leave the world. Do you want your partner to stay in this world happily or do you want your partner to leave this world with you? The moment being together might not be long but i rather choose to have my partner to live happily in this world. Why do we have to leave together? Even though the moment might be short but at least we had the moment before. A moment where two of us will remember forever. Sometimes we have the choice sometimes we do not have. God gave us life. A life to be treasured. If you feel you the world isn't fair to you look around. One might do not have a choice in their life but you do. Have a thorough thought. When you fall, get up!! Don't give up!!

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