Sunday, March 17, 2013

Reality Check

A TVB drama that shows us the reality side of this world. Two major points of causing a chaos in the reality world would be "communication" and "money". Without these two factors we are all alone in this world. Communication plays an important role especially in the family. It is not wrong to say things that you don't agree out but make sure it is reasonable. Definitely don't keep everything in you as one day when the "volcano" explodes it would be very serious. No one in this world knows what are you thinking. If you do not convey your message out, others might get the picture wrong. With communication there comes toleration. These both complement each other. Different age has different thinking. Even though we do not agree, we need to tolerate. If not there would be argument here and there everyday. Another factor money. Yes with money you can do what you want but do you think money can bring you happiness and family? Without money our life would be hard. Earn hard for the money.The money won't just fall from the sky. Don't act with your family to get the money. It is so wrong. Hard earn money are the one that will stay with you for life and you will treasure. Never be greedy. We must be thankful with what we have. 

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